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Orange, carrot & ginger juice

With the cold and dreary weather dominating at present, bring a little warmth and spice to your life with this ...Read More

Beating the Winter blues

The cold, dark winter days and nights are the perfect time to retreat and reflect.  Becoming a seasonal hermit is ...Read More

My meditation challenge

OK, fine.  I admit it:  I’m scared of meditation.  This may seem a ridiculous statement but it’s true.  As a ...Read More


Peppermint can provide quick relief from heartburn and can ease indigestion. You can add 1-2 drops of peppermint essential oil ...Read More

Homemade Aromatherapy Mouthwash

Standard mouthwashes can be expensive and contain a whole list of complex chemicals. They may last a few weeks or ...Read More

Anti Stress & Anxiety Aromatherapy

I have made an anti anxiety & stress aromatherapy spray to help with the studying and will be dousing myself ...Read More