Massage feels amazing

Combining time dedicated to you with the healing power of touch makes massage one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Finding the right therapist is vital in making this experience as positive as possible. The therapist you choose is as important as the therapy. Each therapist will deliver the same type of massage in a different way. Every therapist has their own style and delivery of the therapies they practice. Developing a dialogue with your therapist is key to getting what you want from your treatment. You have a right to feel that it was worth the investment in time and money.

My way of working

One of questions I am most frequently asked about my work is “what kind of massage do you do?”

This is a totally valid question. I find the best way to answer is “integrated” or “bespoke”. I have trained in various types of massage and I draw on all these techniques to create a treatment that is as individual as you and your requirements. In my toolkit are techniques from aromatherapy, Swedish/holistic massage, deep tissue massage, acupressure, ‘No Hands’ massage and pregnancy massage (see below for brief descriptions of these). I’ve also picked up techniques from shiatsu and sports massage and learned something new from every massage I’ve received – and I’ve had a lot of massages! I am also a Reiki practitioner and this supportive energy flows through all of my treatments. I have been told by many clients over the years that they can tell when a therapist is trained in Reiki as it makes for a more profound and healing treatment.

Recipe for Success!

To me, the first important ingredient is dialogue. Feeling that you can communicate your preferences to your therapist is really important. It can feel a little uncomfortable at first to speak out if there’s something you’d like to change within your treatment but trust me; your therapist will appreciate you telling them. It’s a win-win situation! Remember, you know your body better than your therapist, especially if it’s your first treatment with them. It sometimes takes more than an hour to build up a rapport and for your therapist to understand your body and how to work with you to unravel tension stored within.

Having a therapist with a wide range of techniques to draw upon is the next secret ingredient in creating an effective and enjoyable treatment. Everyone likes a different amount of pressure during a massage; we all hold tension in different areas. We all have different room temperatures which are comfortable for us and there are aromas some people love and others dislike. Basically, no two clients or treatments are the same. That brings me back to that first secret ingredient: dialogue!

  • Release of tension, a caring, skilful touch, relaxing time for you and the right therapist will ensure your first massage is not your last!
  • For more information about what will happen during your first appointment and subsequent visits, have a look at the Your First Treatment page.
  • For more information about the hours and days following your treatment, please see the Aftercare and Healing Process page.

Treatments explained

Below is a list of the therapies I bring together to create each treatment:

Swedish/Therapeutic/Holistic massage

This is what I would term ‘regular’ massage. There are many techniques under this umbrella and many of them are utilised in the majority of massage treatments I give.

Deep Tissue massage

These techniques focus on specific locations where stubborn knots have formed in the muscle and are causing persistent pain or discomfort. A combination of slow movements and deep pressure can begin releasing the tension stored within these knots.

Pregnancy massage

This is similar to regular massage and with the same depth of pressure you would expect from regular massage but is carried out after the first trimester with the client lying on her side.

Hot Stone massage

This is great for areas which are really ‘jammed up’ with tension or are too sore to receive a lot of pressure. My hot stone massage treatments involve using the stones to massage the body and I incorporate techniques from my other massage practices.


Using thumb and finger pressure to work along the length of muscles to identify and release trigger points and knots.

‘No Hands’ massage

The use of the therapist’s body weight, combined with the use of forearms, to produce long, sweeping movements with strong pressure. Elbows are used to target areas of solid tension.


The incorporation of essential oils to achieve a specific outcome for the client. These can be added to massage oil or used in an oil burner. For more information, see the Aromatherapy section.


Reiki is a form of healing during which the therapist places their hands on or above the client. Reiki flows through all of my massage treatments but you can also book in for a full Reiki treatment. For more information, see the Reiki page.

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